Textbooks Shipped to California!

After successful pilots in Oklahoma and California, we have learned that teachers and students love our program. Teachers report that their students like the program so much because it is the only class where they get to talk about themselves and their world. Open ended class discussions guided by the lessons give teachers an opportunity to learn more about their students. The students also learn more about themselves and each other as they move closer to the Lord.

Last school year first grade students in the pilot program spontaneously started praying. Middle school students began discussing the consequences of sin and the rewards for righteousness outside of class and seniors reported that they felt better prepare for life after graduation.

It is not surprising that, even in the midst of a lot of confusing politics, young people love Jesus. They love the practical applications of God’s word because it puts meaning in life. One student said it this way. “Mission Generation puts yellow strips on the road for me. It gives me direction.” With all of the noise, the distractions, social media and the liberal agenda being forced into schools children need a compass. Jesus is the only TRUE NORTH.

Please support the Gala on Oct 19th https://goo.gl/qFya5M. The stated goal is to provide textbooks to Oklahoma students. Join Mission Generation to bring the love of God to public and private schools.

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  1. This is great! Where is this pilot program in California? With the new state-mandated sex curriculum in the works, the public schools are looking to become a dark place for middle schoolers and above. Mission Generation can light a powerful light here out in the West coast.

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