Keeping the Dream Alive

I have been in the Mission Generation program since I was 11 years old, and fortunate to have had the curriculum for 4 years. Since I was 11 I was taught to discover my purpose, how to set goals towards reaching my destiny, the roles of males and females in society, and the importance of abstinence until finding a life partner, especially for raising children. Before I have any children I want to accomplish a few goals that I have set for myself, besides, I am only 15 and there is no one I find suitable to marry yet.

In my neighborhood there are many very young single mothers that attended a different school. Their school did not implement the Mission Generation curriculum. Some of those girls are my friends, 14 and 16 years old. They are great mothers, but I am sad when I think they weren’t taught to live on purpose, sex ed., and their personal great value. They have no one to watch their children while they go to school so they have had to drop out.

That is what happened to my friend Marisel. She is 16, and wanted to become a veterinarian when she graduated. She has given up on her dream, now that she is no longer attending school, because she is taking care of her baby.

-Fabiola Fernandez (Age:15)

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