Recent Update: Myanmar

The cold and rainy season is almost over, which allows me to spend more time sharing the Gospel because I evangelizing outdoors.

I am a member of the MG Curriculum team, writing the lessons for the Dai tribe. Recently my friend invited me to teach three hours every day in the afternoon at his school. I enjoyed telling the story of the prodigal son from Luke Chapter 15. After I tell the story, the children instantly know which son was obedient and which son wasn’t. Many children commit their lives to God after hearing the story.  

On my way back and forth to school I pass out tracks at the bus station and sometimes will evangelize to Buddhists. While I was evangelizing one day I met Mr. Kui Kui, he is a very friendly man. Mr. Kui Kui has HIV and I told him about Jesus. After we finished talking I wasn’t sure I would ever see him again but I ran into him again recently. He was visiting the Yangon Region from southern Shan State, I invited him to have dinner together and told him about the eternal security in Christ and the free gift of Salvation. I encouraged him and taught him as much as I could in the short time together. That night he told me “Now I taste the security in Christ and have eternal security.” He was happy, “Now I understand the assurance of salvation in Christ, many years, I have been trying to get to heaven through my human effort and sometimes, I think I will go to heaven if I did nothing wrong”, he said. I thank God he was touched by God and experienced a change of mind, and can experience what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit. 

-Sincerely, Michael

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