Moped for Burma

Pastor Michael Hung Naing – is Mission Generation’s representative in Myanmar (formally Burma). Michael grew up as an orphan, his father passed away when he was 6 months old and then his mother died when he was 3. Michael met Jesus at an early age and soon devoted his life to serving the Lord as a pastor, which was no easy decision in country which is 90% Buddhist!

At just 2% of the population, Christians face hostility and persecution on a scale similar to the Middle East. A long-standing ban on the entry of missionaries and religious materials has persisted since independence in 1948. At that time many Christian Churches were burnt down. Christians remain outcast to this day.

On Jan 7th Michael and his wife had a son! The newborn had pneumonia and was incubated because of meconium aspiration at birth. His son was hospitalized and the doctors say it will be another ten days before Michael and his wife can take their child home.

 While Pastor Michael was visiting his wife and child at the hospital someone stole his only form of transportation – a moped.

Michael now faces the challenge of getting back and forth to the hospital to visit his wife and child without only personal transportation. Getting around in Myanmar can be challenging. The car to road ratio is massive, many times walking is faster than traveling by car because there are perpetual traffic jams. Busses are even slower and more cumbersome. Motorcycles and mopeds thus become the primary source of transportation because they can drive around the traffic and on narrow roads where cars and buses do not fit.

Michael has done a tremendous job of stretching his resources in Myanmar to spread the love of Jesus as taught in Mission Generation’s school program through public schools. Children love listening to Pastor Michael tell Bible stories in class. Although hundreds of children consider Pastor Michael their spiritual father, adults do very little to support his work.

Travels to the remote schools allows Michael pass out tracks to Buddhists along the way which has resulted in many conversations about Jesus. Michael’s job representing Mission Generation in schools is made even more difficult without transportation. It will cost $1200 for Michael to replace his moped. (A new one is $2500)

Will you please help Pastor Michael replace his moped? He needs $1200. Mission Generation will pay all bank and transfer fees so 100% of your funds reach him.

Read more about Michael’s work in Burma.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a school or student in Myanmar, let us know at or donate here.


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