Cesar’s Cry

Here is an excerpt from Cesar’s testimony sharing how the principles learned from Mission Generation’s program helped this young man cry out to God in a moment of great need.

“…I overdosed. I began feeling very badly, nauseated, my heart was beating so fast. Then I remembered what I had learned in the Mission Generation textbooks about God. I started praying to God. Tears came out from my eyes and I started asking for help. Before I started praying, I felt so bad, so depressed; but as I started praying, I began feeling very tranquil. I heard a profound music-a little music in my ears that I can’t explain, that words cannot explain. I was asking God to give me one more chance. As I prayed, my tears began to fall and little by little the pain I felt inside left. And then I felt peace. After I prayed, I felt like a new person. I didn’t want to be in bad company. I didn’t want to do drugs anymore. When my friends asked me to do drugs with them, I would say no. Without Mission Generation, you would find me totally lost. I would still be involved in drugs and I wouldn’t know my life’s purpose. The part that I like most about the Mission Generation textbooks is that they have God in them. Every lesson there is something about God. When we talk about God, we talk about His light, hope and the life He promises us…”

Translated from Spanish.

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