Shout Out to the Farmer!

In America, most of us enjoy the convenience of having a grocery store on every corner.  We walk in and see the shelves filled with thousands of choices, all beautifully organized and displayed for our purchase.  I know, for me,

Let’s Get Cookin’

Hey, Parents, cooking with your kids is great fun!  In addition to the fun, cooking with them helps in many areas of their lives—socially, intellectually, developmentally, and relationally. Socially- Taking the time to cook with your kids helps them develop


”Surely, two of the most satisfying experiences in life must be those of being a grandchild or a grandparent.” –Donald A Norberg I have had the incredible blessing of being a well-loved grandchild, and I have had the pure joy

Zachary’s Story–God’s Faithfulness

Mission Generation is happy to introduce Zachary Verley as a partner rep in Connecticut.  Here’s a summary of Zachary’s testimony. 2012 was one of the worst years of Zachary’s life. On January 5th, he found his father lifeless in his

Back to School–Decrease the Stress!

For most kids, school has begun, so let’s try to transition out of the lazy days of summer hangover.  Here are a few tips: ~Proper sleep is important for everyone. Set a reasonable bedtime then create an atmosphere of winding

Left-Handers Day

Are you among the only 10% of the population who are left-handed?  Happy Left-Hander’s Day! Many studies show lefties are more creative, better in math, and better multi-taskers. You are among famous, smart, and talented company such as Aristotle and

International Youth Day

The United Nations defines youth as ages 15-24, and their studies show that the majority of the world’s youth reside in Asia at 60%.  The UN identifies 15 priority youth issues They are: 1) Education, 2) Employment, 3) Hunger and

Fighting Hunger

15,000 children die each day from hunger.  Malnutrition affects the education of children and their future income.  It is said that “hunger is a violation of human dignity.” To help solve the hunger crisis, we must first asses where the